Nice.  Add all this:
to you wimpy little D-Link/Linksys home ‘router’.
[edit:  try this alternate too:]

i.e.: Linksys WRT54G v8.x

Also of interest is the hack for the D-Link DSN-323
     -also add USB drive support:
     -now set backup CRONs

     -revist USB and move the ffp to USB

 [edit: links updated]

[back again..]

has to re-install after a few years..

fun-plug still the way to go..

Bonek gives the easy start:


1. Download fun_plug.tgz and put it in Volume_1 of your DNS-313
2. Download fun_plug and put it in the same place.
3. Edit fun_plug with your favorite text editor – replace line
4. Reboot


ls -al /ffp/start

rsync -av .
rsync -av .

cd /ffp/start
./ start
chmod 755

 (reboot and test! then..)

[unable to read /home/admin -> mkdir /home/admin chmod 755 /home/admin]
chmod 644