RegEx Monday, Aug 19 2013

RegEx in Notepad++
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Long string – space every two characters

Search:  (.)([0-9a-f])
Replace:   \1\2

*Note:  search brackets () are represented by Replace \#.

Remove lines NOT(^) beginning with number:

Replace: (empty)

Only lines with single (multi-digit) number


Add leading 0 to string of 7bit binary



Find text reference in youtube transcripts

<text start=”[\d]{1,5}” dur=”[\d]{1,5}”>

Lines NOT Starting with “http
Starting with “http
Starting with “, trim after first space

Unique Characters:

Clean Lat,Long,Name
– .+\r\n


Non consecutive



“select Mark All. This will place blue circles, like marbles, in the left gutter – these are line bookmarks. Then just select from main menu Search -> Bookmark -> Remove bookmarked lines.” -Peter Perháč


C# connecting to SOAP (WSDL) Friday, Feb 24 2012 


.asmx  – shows list of method/services available


SOAPAction – site URL withOUT .asmx and /ServiceName


.UploadString – if using WebClient(), this is the same as the .asmx link


NOTE: drop the .asmx add a / and ServiceName 

Better forms – javascript tricks Monday, Dec 12 2011 

Change background of current field:
input:focus { background: yellow }
input:focus:hover { background: LightYellow }

Hide/Show fields with Radiobutton selection:

 OnClick=”{ = ‘visible’; = ‘hidden’}”

Automatically move to next field on certainlength:
< input ID=”txtF1″ onKeyPress=”{if ( document.form1.txtF1.value.length == 5 ) { document.form1.txtETF2.focus();}}”>
< input ID =”txtF2″ onKeyPress=”{if ( document.form1.txtF2.value.length == 3 ){ document.form1.txtF3.focus();}}”>
< input ID=”txtF3″ >

(onKeyPress,onChange, onClick)

Colour Names

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