Online Realtime sites:
BoardSpace – Hive, Qyshinsu, many other abstracts
AsoBrain – Online Setter’s of Catan – with robots and expansions
BrettSpeilWelt – Many many many Eurogames
Yahoo!Games – Chess

Puerto Rico – (rules) Windows, .NET
Kingsburg – (rules) Java
Can’t stop – (info) Win, Mac, Linux
Citadels – (info) Online java
Catan Dice – (info) Windows, .NET
Acquire – (card) DOS
Plateau – (info) Windows
Puzzles – Various puzzle games available for Android! and most platforms!!
BGG – games with AI

Other Ideas
Palago, Truchet, and others
Online chess bot
 Boîte à jeux – En français, Diaballik

X-Earth – desktop screensaver that also shows earthquakes

Pen and Paper
Vector Racer

Daily Fun

Project Euler

Cerebus and javascript


Disc Golf

Old Refinery Park